Veecle and Snapp Automotive Announce a Strategic Partnership to Deliver Software-Defined Vehicles

Jan 6, 2023

Berlin and Munich, Germany, January 6, 2023 - Snapp Automotive and Elexir AG (Veecle) announce a strategic partnership to speed up the development of software-defined vehicles. The companies’ complementary offerings create a complete automotive software stack from the user-facing infotainment system, SnappOS down to the central software stack Veecle, controlled by a modern safe and secure real-time OS.

A modern car runs millions of lines of code from thousands of vendors, making it difficult to integrate or add new functionality. Elexir and Snapp Automotive are working together to remove the friction points between the car controlling OS and the infotainment system by creating a seamless and worry-free environment that allows customers to rapidly build software-defined cars.

The long-term strategic partnership between Snapp Automotive and Elexir ensures that customers can massively speed up vehicle prototyping and production thanks to a complete car software stack. Our teams have an established working relationship, as well as a shared work culture, which allows us to iterate rapidly on ideas resulting in quick product cycles of bleeding edge features.


ELEXIR is the mother company of Veecle, the first central automotive software stack written entirely in safe Rust code. Veecle bridges the gap between existing supplier components and smart apps running on top - through unified software. It’s the backbone of automotive applications and enables car makers to build new business models.

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About Snapp Automotive

Snapp Automotive is part of the Snapp Group which includes Snapp Mobile, a mobile development agency with a strong knowledge base on Android app development, We Are Systematic, a dedicated design agency with strong user research, UX, and UI design skills, Snapp X for rapid cross-platform development, and Snapp Systems for backend development.

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