Snapp Automotive Launches Android Automotive Infotainment System

Nov 15, 2022

Munich, Germany, November 15, 2022 - Snapp Automotive launches SnappOS, an automotive infotainment system based on Android Automotive OS.

SnappOS is a customizable, contextual, and intelligent infotainment system enabling rapid development cycles and deployment in real or simulated environments. 

Today’s in-vehicle infotainment systems are difficult to use and often lack in quality. SnappOS delivers a world-class user experience for a fraction of the cost and development time. 

To achieve this world-class user experience, SnappOS adapts to the driver’s context and optimizes the design and features to fit it. While driving, the interface is built around reducing driver distraction by limiting the amount of information presented to the driver. It also utilizes artificial intelligence to adapt the interface to the context of the driver. In Park, the system is more open and focused on entertainment features. Additionally, SnappOS is designed from scratch with a companion app to facilitate interactions with the car at a distance.

Coming from a background in mobile app development, Snapp Automotive brings similar development speed to the car industry through SnappOS. The system’s firmware can be updated over the air (OTA) enabling rapid development cycles regardless of where it is being used. It is possible to update the complete infotainment system multiple times a day during rapid iteration cycles.

To further speed up individual app development, an additional app updater makes it possible to update apps, OTA, just minutes after changes to the app code have been made. An SDK allows quick development of connected apps.

Snapp Automotive Ltd. works together with its customers to implement customer-specific features as well as to integrate the system on top of the chosen Real-Time operating system from their prototype vehicles to production vehicles.

About Snapp Automotive

Snapp Automotive is part of the Snapp Group which includes Snapp Mobile, a mobile development agency with a strong knowledge base on Android app development, We Are Systematic, a dedicated design agency with strong user research, UX, and UI design skills, Snapp X for rapid cross-platform development, and Snapp Systems for backend development.

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Contact Information:
Juhani Lehtimäki - CEO

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