Snapp Automotive and Fleksy Enter Into Partnership for Android Automotive Language Input Technology

Jun 13, 2023

Berlin, June 13, 2023

Snapp Automotive, a leading supplier of Android Automotive in-car software, and Fleksy, a pioneer of language input technology, have entered into a partnership to improve driver interaction with in-car infotainment systems. Both companies are committed to an ongoing collaboration to explore and develop innovative solutions, starting by integrating Fleksy's advanced keyboard into Snapp Automotive's proprietary operating system, SnappOS. The partnership is a milestone in both companies’ shared vision to make the driving experience both safer and more enjoyable.

As vehicles become increasingly connected, drivers are expected to interact more and more with their cars' infotainment systems, from navigation to communication. Ensuring that automotive systems have a strong and user-friendly language input is essential. “A well-designed keyboard interface, such as Fleksy's, can significantly enhance the ease and efficiency of in-car interactions”, said Casper Kessels, CDO of Snapp Automotive. “Fleksy’s customization possibilities are a perfect match for the extensive theming of SnappOS. This means that drivers will be able to tailor their in-car interface to their specific needs and preferences, enhancing usability and overall satisfaction.” 

“We are delighted to bring immense value to car OEMs and their drivers using SnappOS. The deep integration between our Virtual Keyboard technologies and SnappOS enables a very smartphone-like, familiar and speedy typing experience across the OS.” says Olivier Plante, CEO of Fleksy.

Ease of Integration

Fleksy’s SDK provides a streamlined and efficient process for developers, saving significant time and resources, making it straightforward to incorporate into SnappOS. This ease of integration not only accelerates the development process but also allows for more focus on enhancing and customizing the user experience, further contributing to the overall quality of Snapp Automotive's products.

By combining Snapp Automotive's expertise in automotive technology with Fleksy's proficiency in keyboard design, the partnership aims to push the boundaries of what's possible in in-car interfaces. This joint effort will ensure that the evolution of in-car keyboards aligns with the changing needs and expectations of drivers.

Snapp Automotive

Snapp Automotive was founded by a team of experts in Android Automotive who witnessed the challenges faced by large OEMs in creating software for cars. With a mission to bring the development speed and quality of the tech industry to the car industry, Snapp Automotive created Snapp OS - an innovative infotainment system that offers world-class design and high levels of customization for a fraction of the cost and development time. Snapp OS is aimed at startup and low-volume carmakers and is offered as a development platform for large OEMs and suppliers. For more information, visit 


Fleksy is an award-winning virtual keyboard technology provider. The Fleksy Software Development Kits (SDKs) enable developers and companies to overcome the challenge of building a top-notch typing experience across various platforms. With support for +82 languages, autocorrection, predictions and swipe input backed by two Guinness World Records for the fastest typing on touchscreen, Fleksy’s technologies are proven to delight end-users worldwide. Fleksy customers can therefore focus on their area of expertise and market expansion confidently. For more information, visit

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